Build a Twitter clone using these technologies

10 things you will learn

  • How do GraphQL APIs work? How to define a GraphQL schema.

  • How are GraphQL APIs different from REST? The pros & cons of each.

  • What is AppSync? How does it compare to API Gateway?

  • How to test AppSync APIs both locally and remotely with end-to-end tests.

  • How to secure AppSync APIs with the right auth method and prevent unauthorized access.

  • Data modelling techniques for DynamoDB.

  • Hands-on experience with popular AWS services such as AppSync, Lambda and DynamoDB.

  • Hands-on experience building something non-trivial with the popular Vue.js framework.

  • How to build an effective caching strategy to optimize performance, cost and scalability. [Plus or Premium package only]

  • Best practices for logging and monitoring so you can spot and fix issues in production quickly. [Premium package only]

Registration, Sign-Up, Sign-In

Build user flows for registration, sign-up, sign-in, and email verification with Amazon Cognito and AWS Amplify.

Tweets and Timelines

Build the Home page and show Twitter timeline, and add the ability to post new tweets, retweet, like and reply to another tweet.

Manage user profiles

Build the Profile page and allow users to edit their profiles, see their tweets and follow other users.
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